Tommy's Secret Music Sketchbook podcast

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One of the things I enjoy doing: I produce music. Sometimes I just experiment, learn, and do sound design. Sometimes I like to collect and work on “found sounds” and do field recording. Sometimes I work with “real” bands and music projects, like my current project Cuatro Cuatro Cero.

In all of that, there’s a lot of unused material that just sits on a hard drive.

The “by-product”. Abandoned, or just incomplete ideas. Snippets. Stuff I just don’t like, or wouldn’t be proud of. But stuff that I created, nonetheless. “Sketches”, if you will.

Since I’m a big nerd, I decided to do something with all that.

I’m now auto-generating a podcast!

Cover art for Tommy’s Secret Music Sketchbook podcast show

Now, I can just export those snippets to a special folder. Some software I wrote will automatically scoop them up, slap on a standard intro, and make it an episode!

Here’s the RSS Feed for Tommy’s Secret Music Sketchbook podcast.

It’s also probably available wherever you like to search for podcasts.


If you hear something interesting, let me know!