Cuatro Cuatro Cero (I finally released some music!)

Published September 20, 2020, by Tommy George

On the 18th of September I finally submitted some music for distribution!

It’s a project I’ve been passively “working on” for a long time. I’ll be sure to provide a lot more detail later – like where the name came from, how it was made, and all those cool behind-the-scenes things.

For now, this post serves as a quick way to share the links to the various platforms where it’s available. I’ll try to keep it updated as new platforms release it!

Cuatro Cuatro Cero, “19”

Album cover art

Track list

  1. It begins with the end in mind
  2. And the best kept secret
  3. Then an announcement
  4. Some of the days will be rough, but
  5. Let’s do this forever
  6. And with new adventures
  7. Starting every day