Bookmarks: Codebase Collaboration Between Humans and Robots

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As promised, this is my short blog post to remind me of some great, shareable content.

Today, I read “Codebase Collaboration Between Humans and Robots” by Jim Nielsen, after seeing Dave’s tweet about it.

A couple quotes, not even the best of them:

Think of the incredible amount of work that would be required to read the docs for each config and understand A) what it’s doing, and B) what else is possible that isn’t yet configured.

Imagine if you had a human on your team who acted like these robots, just completely irregular on blocking your productivity. How long do you think they’d continue to have a place on the team?

… imagine if we put the same amount of effort into supporting the humans who help build our projects as we do for the robots who help us?

This whole post resonated so hard with me.

As I really think about it, especially over the last 2 years, I’m not sure a week has gone by that I haven’t been held up in some way because one of my tools wasn’t working as expected.

Here are some words from the post:

Yup, defintely been there.

and I’d bet I’m not the only one.

You’re not the only one, Jim!